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Three Things You Can Learn From Collin Morikawa

Last Sunday, golfer Collin Morikawa joined a group of legends (Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Rory McIlroy) as one of the few 23-year old winners of the PGA Championship. This win put an exclamation mark on one of the hottest starts in professional golf by a […]

The Three-Part Formula For Becoming Exceptional

Becoming exceptional, or among the best in the world, in your field is multi-faceted and requires the right set of individual and environmental factors working in unison. Wouldn’t it be helpful if we knew the formula that can make us exceptional? Can we create one […]

Finding The Most Exceptional Talent—The 1% Of The 1%

Everybody wants to work with the best of the best. Whether you are looking to sign on a superstar athlete, or you are looking to invest in the next billion-dollar-startup, or you are part of a corporate board in search of a CEO, you are […]

Innovation In The Isolation Economy

Our journey towards the isolation economy is well underway as workers are getting increasingly comfortable working from home. Unfortunately, however, as we work in isolation, we miss out on some of the positive elements of workplace interaction and […]

The Need To Specialize

Most people would prefer to be the best in the world at one thing, rather than being well-rounded and proficient at many things. Becoming exceptional is all about reaching the very top in your chosen field.

The most exceptional people in the world have invested a […]

You Have Set Personal Goals For The Lockdown—Now What?

With half of the world currently hunkered down at home, hundreds of millions of people have set goals for what they want to achieve during this lockdown period and beyond. The goals we have set for ourselves relate to mastering a new skill or getting […]

Will Coronavirus Level The Playing Field?

Due to the global shutdown caused by the coronavirus, business leaders are facing a crisis never seen during the past century. There are no parallels to what organizations are going through, and no prior experiences to guide them. The current environment is new to every […]

Welcome To The Isolation Economy (Goodbye Sharing Economy)

Over the past decade, the sharing economy was supposed to transform how we live, travel and function. The sharing economy was built on the premise that multiple people could share unused or under-utilized assets. If you had a car that you did not use for […]

Never Waste A Downturn – Emerge Exceptional

The damage caused by the coronavirus to businesses, employees, owners and entrepreneurs is colossal, and the economic loss will reach unprecedented levels. Every business segment, including travel, retail, technology, service, hospitality, manufacturing, education, real estate, financial and so many others are hurting, and it’s going […]

Why Coronavirus Will Stimulate Innovation

In addition to the immeasurable suffering and loss of life, the deadly coronavirus is already impacting the world economy, hurting stocks, halting travel and meetings, impacting the daily ritual of going to the office, and quarantining millions. Businesses worldwide are feeling the effect of these […]

The Ease Of Use Fallacy In Innovation

When innovating, companies usually focus on making their products easier to obtain, easier to learn and easier to use. Unless “ease-of-use” is the primary benefit or selling proposition of your offering, this thinking will hinder your innovation efforts. Of course, ease of use is a […]

How Leaders Inspire Innovation

The way to inspire innovation within an organization is with clarity and conviction of a vision. You cannot tiptoe your way into innovation. You must commit to a clear direction so that employees, shareholders, customers and partners all share your belief. When everyone shares the […]

Thrill, Skill And Will – Keys To Extraordinary Success

What makes certain entrepreneurs exceptional and drives them to mega-success, while others work just as hard but just don’t seem to get the breaks. My research shows that there are three foundational elements that are common across the most exceptional individuals in the world.

In an […]